• The BDSM scene. Like most people, I was born this way. Realising there was a community was massive. Huge for Me. But that’s a difficult question to answer in a few words. I suppose dreams and childhood fantasies were the first major clue I was a bit different

    What first triggered Your interest in the BDSM scene?

  • It was a download. I was very young. That’s the best explanation I have.

    How did You come about your Mistress name?

  • I have learned from everyone I have played with and especially from other Dommes I have known and sessioned with. Mistress Eleise is someone I’m extremely fond of working with as Her meticulous and classical approach contrasts and enhances My more improvisational style.

    How did You receive professional training?

  • I’m always exploring and evolving. My play style is as fluid as I am.

    Do You have a favourite form of play?

  • At my home? No. And my pricing reflects that. I’ve just returned from a long travel jaunt so my style is minimal but I’m a stones throw away from The Blue Door and often play there both for My own amusement and with select submissives who’ve earned My trust.

    Are the chambers You use fully equipped?

  • Yes, but I still feel like I have nothing to wear! I love latex and leather and everything about the bdsm aesthetic. However I’m capricious and am always throwing things out that I feel no longer define Me. Then a week later I regret it and have to go shopping again.

    Do You have a wide range of outfits?

  • Yes. 100%.

    Would you say that You are naturally a dominant person?

  • I am empowered regardless of who I’m dealing with.

    Do You feel empowered whilst dealing with a slave?

  • Depends on the slave, their innate obedience and willingness to please, their level of proficiency to the task at hand and general demeanour.

    How do You feel when a slave is worshipping You?

  • Yes. While I understand that talking to a Domme can feel intimidating, we aren’t mind readers. The quality of the session and even the feasibility of a D/s relationship depends on communication. It’s essential to communicate limits and desires prior to starting a session. And don’t forget your manners and respect.

    Do You have any tips for slaves approaching You?